February Meeting Minutes

MBA Minutes- February 2, 2015


  1. New Officers
  2. Home Brew Fantasy Draft
  3. Past Events
  4. Upcoming Events
  5. Upcoming Meetings
  6. Ideas
  7. New Member

New Officers:

Congratulations to our New Mentors

President- Clark Ortkiese
Vice President- Will Goodwin
Treasurer- Jason Uehling
Event Chair- Nathan Short
Secretary- Michelle O’Dell

Home Brew Fantasy Draft

We need a volunteer to serve as commissioner, someone who knows all of the draft rules.  Everyone will get to pick a yeast, base malt (or extract), a specialty malt, and maybe a few adjuncts.  Everyone will brew and we’ll decide on a judging method and date at a later time.  To make it work smoothly, we’d like to gage everyone’s interest.  If this sounds fun to you, let Clark know.

Past Events

  • Science of Beer on January 16 at the Pink Palace
  • Bluff City Judge Training Sessions on January 24 and 31 at Memphis Made Brewery

Upcoming Events

  • MS Brew Movement on February 27 at the Pink Palace: We have 15 beers from 13 home brewers. Ben and Mike’s brews to anchor both corners of the building. Plus a great band, food vendor and an auction. Go, Joe, go!
  • Extravaganza on February 21 at Boscos: The call is out for volunteer judges for this annual Bluff City Brewers Association home brew contest.
  • John Palmer talk on March 28 at Memphis Made Brewery: Tickets are available through Eventbrite. So far, 35 tickets have been sold; the goal is to reach 100.
  • Autozone on April 28: We need 10 brewers. Speak with Nathan if you are interested in brewing for this event.
  • Home Brew Day on May 2 at Boscos (possibly): Great day for novice and experienced brewers alike to brew together.

Upcoming Meetings

  • March – Saisons Presentation by Joe Barnes
  • April – Judging Saisons
  • May – ?


Check out the MBA website if you haven’t visited in a while. Alan is looking for more photographs to post, and for feedback on what sections are working well. Minutes will be posted.

We are looking to continue with more structured judging sessions.

We need presentation ideas and volunteers.

New Members

We have one new member, Welcome Mark Kutil.