March Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2015


  1. Presentation by Joe Barnes
  2. Past Events
  3. Upcoming Events
  4. Upcoming Meetings
  5. 3 Tier for TN Beer
  6. AHA Conference
  7. Group Calendar
  8. Any additional items from club members?

Saisons Presentation by Joe Barnes


Past Events

  • MS Brew Movement at the Pink Palace


Upcoming Events

  • March 28 1-4pm John Palmer talk at Memphis Made Brewery

Tickets are available through Eventbrite. So far, 49 tickets have been sold; the goal is to reach 100. This event is designed to bring club members together so please show your support.

  • April 11 Hops into Spring Beer and Burger Fest benefitting St. Jude’s

We have two brewers for this new event and need more. It’s ok to bring 2-3 gallons of beer.

  • April 28 4-7 pm Autozone

We have 10 brewers. Nathan will post the names of the brewers and what they are bringing.

  • May 2 9am-1pm Home Brew Day at Boscos (possibly)

Great day for novice and experienced brewers alike to brew together. Commitment to brew for this event will require a nominal deposit, as Adam needs to know how much starter and yeast to prepare.

We have 3 brewers for this new event and need 2-3 more. There is a $50. reimbursement.


Upcoming Meetings

  • April – Judging Saisons
  • May – ?
  • June – ?
  • July – judging beer

We need presentation ideas and volunteers.

What should be the style of beer for our next group judging session?

3 Tier for TN Beer

Club members recommend Beer Wars the movie and Bitter Brew by William Knoedelseder for background information on this subject.


AHA Conference

Speak with Jason if you are interested.

Group Calendar

There is a lot of interest in a group calendar that posts who is brewing and what for each event, and can include reminders of when to brew, and who is doing a group home brew day.

There has been some discussion of moving away from first come first served for brewing for the big events, for example cooper Young, and moving towards a lottery system if there is a lot of interest.

Additional Items

National Homebrew Competition first round of judging is in Nashville on March 20-22. Crisitan is going and is looking for a partner.

Welcome to our new member Diego Sanchez and Meghan Mead!