MBA Philosophy

The MBA is lead By a group of Mentors. The mentors provide leadership for club members in the fine art of brewing. The current mentors are as follows:

MBA Mentors

President ~ Alan McLaughlin

 Vice President ~ Mark Kutil

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Mark Kutil

Germantown, TN

Occupation: Computer Programmer (retired from FedEx 2012)

Member since Jan. 2015

Brewing History:

I started brewing when I was living in Madison, WI back in the mid 70’s. I made several varieties of wine, cordials, and liqueurs but did not start brewing beer until President Jimmy Carter made it legal in 1978. At the time, extract kits using corn sugar were about all there was available. The beer wasn’t very good but it was drinkable, everything came out tasting like wheat beer, hence my preference for this style of beer. A couple of years ago I got the urge to brew beer, not because of the rising craft beer craze but because I enjoy brewing almost as much as I enjoy drinking beer. I prefer light and dark English and German beers and a reasonably hopped pale ale or IPA, I don’t care much for really hoppy beer,  French Saison, spiced or flavored beer, and mead. Don’t fruit my beer, keep the sliced citrus for your cocktails and outta my beer, thank you very much.

Treasurer ~ Amanda Nash

Event Chair ~ Nathan Short

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Nathan Short
Memphis, TN
Occupation: Engineer (Mechanical)- Evaprative Cooling
Member Since 2014.
Position in Club: Event Chair
Brewing History:
I got really into (good) beer in college, and shortly after graduating in 2013 decided I needed another hobby. So naturally I took up brewing beer. Little did I know how far it would pull me in! I thouroughly enjoy piecing together the equipment, developing the process, as well as being creative and designing and tweaking recipes. I have attended about 90% of all of the beer festivals and fundraisers since joining, and it is what keeps me brewing so much. Getting great feedback on the beer and getting to share the passion of the hobby with everyone is one of the best parts of the club experience!

Secretary ~ Taylor Perry

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Taylor Perry

Memphis, TN

Occupation: Vice President w/ Fountain Leasing, LLC

Member Since 2015

Position in Club: Secretary

Brewing History


I’ve been home brewing for over 10 years having started, like many others, with a Mr. Beer kit. I made terrible beer early on but it started me on the path of learning all I could about home brewing. I am a firm believer in education being the single most important catalyst to brewing the best beer possible. I also enjoy the hands on, DIY nature of home brewing and have cobbled together much of the hardware used in my home brewery. I am an all-grain brewer and I brew for as many club events as possible. I try to enter 5-6 competitions per year as well. Getting unbiased feedback from people who are trained to judge beers so I can adjust my recipes and processes is very important when dialing in a beer. I enjoy drinking a wide range of beers from crisp, clean pilsners to complex sour beers, but I would have to say that my “stuck on a deserted island” beer would have to be a good ole’ American IPA.


MBA Club Founding Mentors
Mike Lee, Phil Kane, Ben Pugh, & Alan McLaughlin